Thursday, October 28, 2010

Minnesota Sheriff Endorsements by GOCRA-PAC

csReceived by email:

GOCRA-PAC (the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance Political Action Committee) is strongly endorsing the following candidates for sheriff in their respective counties:  
Matt Bostrom in Ramsey County
With service in law enforcement over three decades, Commander Matt Bostrom of the St. Paul Police Department is now running for sheriff with support across the political spectrum.  Of particular interest to our members is "The Bostrom Pledge" --  Bostrom has pledged to audit the permit program, including the high fees and expenses, and to bring Ramsey County's high permit denial rate in line with the rest of the state.

Bostrom is running against Sheriff Bob Fletcher, who GOCRA-PAC has declined to endorse.

Mitch Scott in Dakota County
By reputation a solid, service-oriented street cop who has gone on to get both his BA and MA in administration, Mitch Scott, a sergeant in the Apple Valley Police Department, is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and the Minnesota Citizens Personal Protection Act.  His own pledge is a breath of fresh air in Dakota County, because, according to the figures that the Dakota County Sheriff's Office itself has provided to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Dakota County has amassed almost half a million dollars in excess carry permit application fees, which can, by law, be used only to administer their carry permit program.  Scott, like Bostrom, has promised to audit the books when he takes office.  

Scott is running against Sheriff Dave Bellows, who GOCRA-PAC has declined to endorse.

Derek Lee in Carver County
A longtime supervisor and patrol officer in the Carver County Sheriff's Office, Derek Lee has received GOCRA-PAC's endorsement for Carver County Sheriff.  Like Bostrom and Scott, Lee has taken the pledge to handle his responsibilities, once he becomes sheriff, according to the law.

Joel Brott in Sherburne County
Joel Brott became sheriff by appointment last year; he is the only appointed incumbent that GOCRA-PAC is endorsing this year.   

He is running against Bob Bushman, formerly of the Department of Public Safety during the Metro Gang Strike Force fiasco; GOCRA-PAC has declined to endorse Bushman.

Rich Stanek of Hennepin County
Running essentially unopposed for his second term of Sheriff, Stanek was the first sheriff during this election year to receive GOCRA-PAC's endorsement.  To quote John Caile, Chairman of GOCRA-PAC, "endorsing Rich was an easy, easy call -- he's done a terrific job as sheriff, and the fact that he has no opponent on the ballot shouldn't -- and hasn't -- prevented our enthusiastic endorsement."

But What If I Don’t Live in Dakota, Ramsey, Carver, Hennepin or Sherburne?
You don’t live in all five of these counties, and you may not live in even one of these . . . but you do have friends and family who do.  Please share this email with them, and with your friends all over the state.

These candidates are the good guys; when they take office, they’re going to make us proud we supported them.  Support these sheriff candidates, and the other candidates that GOCRA-PAC is also endorsing -- and watch for our next email, on Friday.  

Remember:  Bostrom, Scott, Lee, Brott, and Stanek on election day.

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