Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thanks, Heather

Heather Martens, resident gun-fearing, astroturf activist, agrees that the thug that died last week for pistol-whipping a lady and threatening a permit holder with a gun...deserved it.

Experts Discuss Conceal, Carry Laws:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Healthcare and Rights

From a discussion elsewhere:

Your interpretation of rights is off.  I have a right not be imprisoned, a negative right, unless the government can manage due process.   Natural rights are negative rights.  I have a right not to get shot, you don't have the right to expect me to stand there and let you shoot me.   Negative right require others to NOT do things like imprison me, shoot me, steal the product of my labor.  Positive "rights" require others to actively do things like provide health care, housing, or candy.

Up until the 80s, health care was much more affordable.  In the 70s, the whole process of having a baby cost $800, including a week-long hospital stay.  The widespread adoption of employer-sponsored health insurance, largely fueled by tax regulation and the growth of Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare-based medical assistance has driven the demand entirely out of proportion to the supply, or even the need for care.

The current travesty of regulations will only make it worse, since it's now basically impossible to open or expand a private hospital.

Outrageous health care costs are a side-effect(or possibly the main goal) of government intrusion into the medical system.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ready for the Rapture?

Posted on Craigslist:

You don't need a big screen TV in heaven.   

The rapture is coming on Sunday.  If you are a believer, help me to help you!  

Let me buy your expensive earthly goods so you can get raptured in a designer suit.  You want to look your best when you meet your maker, don't you?

I am looking to buy big screen TVs(HD only), last-generation video game consoles and games, late-model cars and houses in good condition.

Don't let your possessions weigh you down when the Lord comes for you.


I will take everything off of your hands, allowing you to meet your maker with a clear mind for $100.  Yes, that's right, I will pay you $100 that you can use for a memorable "last night on earth".

You are absolutely out of your mind... Obviously a scam. To quote you, you don't need a big screen TV in heaven. So if this really is the end, why do you need all that stuff? You belong in a nut house.

Ok, $125, but that's as high as I'll go.

ok?! And you want what from me?

Anything you don't see a need for in heaven, of course.   We can meet at my mom's house, if that's ok with you?   That's where I'll need to store your big screen tv for a while, anyway.  Do you have a big screen tv?  If you don't, that's ok.   I can take care of your gerbil, too.