Wednesday, January 28, 2009


There is a sacred duty undertaken by all men who choose to have children. That duty is to become a father. Fathers are more than just bread-winners. A father is a source of discipline and guidance. A father is both a protector and a provider.

A father's primary responsibility is providing for the welfare of his children. That means protecting them from outside harm, putting food on the table and guiding them towards productive adulthood. If that means working double shifts in a factory or forgoing the "swinging single" lifestyle, so be it. If a man manages to screw up everything in his life, but provides for his family and produces healthy, well-adjusted children, he didn't do too bad. Setbacks are temporary--the memories of your children, passed on to your grandchildren are, or should be, permanent.

Being a father carries the demand of always being stronger than anything life throws at his children. At trial or tribulation his children are dealt needs to be met with the force of Dad. Unreasonable authority figures, bullies, molesters, poverty, or anything else, without exception. That's not to say a father needs to handle each and every one of the problems. Some problems need to be dealt with by the child, with Dad's guidance. Some problems need to be addressed by other parents, teachers or police. However, a father needs to be strong enough to hear about every problem and decide on a proper course of action. He must be stronger than the idea of the problem.

Under no circumstances is a father allowed to forsake his sacred duty. If he molests, abuses or murders those in his care, the worst punishments should be inflicted on him. His soul should be seared with his failure, and he should spend the rest of his life in a tiny, dark, stinking hole, with nothing but his most wretched memories. Suicide is a coward's retreat from the actions of failure.

To Ana Lupoe and her children: Requiescat In Pace.

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