Wednesday, March 5, 2008


ruffelo's story:
We were walking through the skyway system in Minneapolis, near St. Olaf's (maybe I can zero in the location tomorrow). I was fairly aware of our surroundings, but we were also engaged in conversation. I had noticed the man in a blue jacket standing up ahead in the street-overpass, but he seemed to be talking on his cell phone. As we entered this particular overpass, he stepped towards the middle with his hand inside his jacket and loudly commanded, "Don't Move!" It is worth noting that this was the moment I realized that no one else was within sight and he had glass and a brick wall behind him.

At this point I quickly scraped aside my coat and sweater and acquired a firm grip on my handgun (IWB - 3 o'clock), as I said "What!?!" I doubt he could actually see the gun. While reaching for my gun, I thrust my weak arm out in a 'halt' sign. I don't know exactly how everything happened so quickly, but it was just as I practice.

He seemed very surprised at the resistance and quickly said, "Naw, it's cool, it's cool." This attitude change, his eyes, and his quick turn to run made it obvious that he knew exactly what I had my hand on and this was not his 'first time.'

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