Monday, December 7, 2009

Security in Your Home, Conclusion

We’ve discussed using a layered approach to improving the security of your home, making your home too much work for the “casual” burglar. Most burglars will take the path of least resistance. Multiple layers of security remove your home from that path.
  • Use effective lighing.  Don't leave potential entry points in shadows.  That's a good working environment for a burglar.  Make sure you can see what you need to see. 
  • Use effective locks on quality doors.  Try to keep bad people out of your home.  Don't make a criminal's job easier. 
  • Install an alarm system.  Don't let an intruder in to your home unannounced.  Monitored, unmonitored, or four-legged, don't be caught unaware. 
  • Have a safe place to retreat.  Install a solid door to your bedroom and charge your cell phone there at night. 
  • Get some training.  Regardless of your chosen means of self defense, learn how to use it effectively.
Have you done everything you can to make yourself safe?

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