Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sales Drone Complaint

As of last night, I will never do business with Budget Exteriors.

The background:
We took hail damage. We have insurance. We're dealing with the insurance company and collecting written estimates for the work. Most contractors understand what we mean when we say "Give us a written estimate and we'll get back to you."

Budget Exteriors sent out a sales drone named Kevin last night. We were very clear and up-front about wanting a written estimate. His "10 minute" sales pitch took over an hour. When, at the end of it, we were still insistent upon getting a written estimate, he raised his voice, he insulted us, and he stormed out of the house. We called the office to complain.


In my house, we do not make large financial decisions on a whim.
We do NOT hand over control of our projects to other companies.
We do NOT accept boorish behavior from a sales drone.
We do NOT appreciate being lied to.
We do NOT make uninformed decisions based on the sales pitch of a sales drone.
We dealt with you honestly and expected the same in return.


On a side note, did you know that:
a) It's impossible to replace a roof vent without getting a leaky roof? Just ask Kevin.
b) A battered roof vent is enough to get an insurance company to replace an entire roof that's just 6 weeks old? Just ask Kevin.
c) There's is nothing to decide when hiring a company to do a lot of work on your home, because Budget Exteriors is the best, so we need to take his word on that? Just ask Kevin.

Sales drones: The scuzzy, slimy, scum of the earth, created to part fools from their money.

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