Monday, February 16, 2009

Towed Idiots

So, I dial the towing company - yeah, they stil have the contract, and yeah, they will send their trucks right out.

Little over an hour later, three cars gone.

Out of pure fucking spite. Because I am a mean and hateful bastard, and that’s how I roll. And yes, had the Bumpers been full of conservative stickers, I would have let it slide. Discrimination, purely based on what they were. What of it? Whatchoo gonna do ’bout it?

So this morning, I drop by there, and find a nastygram stuck in my door, along with dried egg. The nastygram boasts of egging the building, and calls me a big poopy-head. And, to make the hat-trick, SHE SIGNS HER NAME.

*happysigh* One thing I can count on is Lefties not being terribly bright. One complaint of vandalism sworn out.

Gonzo’s Bar & Go-Go Grill

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