Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Lesson

Sunday, my son went to visit a friend. His bike went with. When I picked him up, the bike got wedged in to the cargo area of my car, hanging over the back seat, tangled in the boxes of stuff that live in my car.

Monday, my wife reminded me to take the bike out of the car. I told her I wanted some help to guide the bike up and over all of the obstacles and snags, without breaking, tearing or beating anything in the car. It would be easier that way. We forgot.

Tuesday, while getting ready in the morning, my son told his little sister that he was going to ride his bike to daycare. I informed him that he couldn't, as his bike was still in my car and we were running late.

He informed me that he took it out of the car, by himself, the previous evening, without breaking, ripping, or beating anything in the car.

There's my lesson in humility.

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