Friday, May 8, 2009

They've never met

a tax they didn't like.


1) Double the tax on alcohol. At least the welfare folks will start paying taxes. A disproportionately regressive tax? Say it ain't so!

2) Tax the wealthiest 5%. Tax the people rowing the boat. Great plan, if you want the highly trained and mostly irreplaceable folks to Go Galt. Remove the incentive to kill yourself over 10 years of college and six figure education bills. What's the motivation to succeed? So other people can live off of your wealth?

3) Excess credit card interest tax. Boost the economy by forcing the lenders to stop lending because they can't turn a profit. Alternatively, they can raise their rates even higher to accommodate the new tax. There's no such thing as a corporate tax. The new costs get passed directly to the consumer, making this, yet again, a disproportionately regressive tax on the people least able to afford it.

Our politicians are idiots.

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