Sunday, January 24, 2010

Your bias is showing.

The offensive text from my newsreader:
Police said a robbery sparked Wednesday's murder in Minneapolis, but it wasn't the robbers who did the killing.
Police said three men went to a home near Irving and Plymouth Avenues on Wednesday night to get money they thought was owed to one of them.

Travis Koehn, 25, and Curtis Harrell, 19, and Orlando Nunn went in the house and in the basement where the intended robbery victim and his friend were hanging out.

The men started fighting, and Nunn pulled a gun out and pointed it at the victim and ordered both men to get down on the ground and get their money out.

Police said at some point Nunn got too close to the victim with the gun and the victim grabbed the gun, struggled for a bit, then shot and killed Nunn.
At this time, the robbery victim does not face any charges for killing Nunn.

That's a happy ending, even if the reporter seems sad that the intended victim isn't charged with murder.

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