Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sales Tax, the Update

Courtesy of Minnesota Majority, we have the Hennepin County commissioner votes.
# In Hennepin county, Peter McLaughlin championed the transit-tax cause, joined by Opat, Stenglein, Dorfman and Koblick. Randy Johnson and Penny Steele opposed, but the tax increase was passed 5-2.
Let's compare to the voting record from August 2006, when they decided to inflict a stadium on us:
The vote was four to three, with Commissioners Mike Opat, Mark Stenglein, Peter McLaughlin and Randy Johnson voting in favor, and Commissioners Gail Dorfman, Linda Koblick and Penny Steele voting against the ordinance.
Voting "No" both times: Penny Steele. Ms. Steele needs to be re-elected forever.

Voting "Yes" both times: Mike Opat, Mark Stenglein, and Peter McLaughlin. *

In favor of a tax to benefit sports-team owners, but against a tax to benefit transit contractors: Randy Johnson

Opposed to giving rich baseball players free money, while approving of taking my money to benefit the minority who work downtown: Linda Koblick

Mr. Johnson and Ms. Koblick need to have their constituents ask about their consistency. Taxes to benefit a minority are never right.

*Rope, tree, politician. Some assembly required.**

**No, I'm not serious. I wouldn't grieve, but I'm not condoning or even suggesting the hanging of these thieves.


Anonymous said...

QuerY: Transit Sales Tax benefits only those who work downtown?

princewally said...

Considering the fact that light-rail increases congestion, and provides no benefit to anyone outside of the transit employees and the tiny number of people who actually ride...I'd say those who work downtown are the vast majority of people receiving benefits from the tax.