Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Misplaced paperweight makes the news

HUDSON, Wis. -- Three children picking up trash along a river in Hudson for community service work found much more than garbage.

Charlie Thompson, 11, Maddie Roth, 10, and Demetri Roth, 8, came across a hand grenade, picked it up and headed home to show off their discovery.

On their way back Monday, they ran into a neighbor, who immediately called 911. Hudson police cordoned off the block, then determined the grenade wasn't a danger, even though it still had the firing pin inserted. Sgt. Eric Atkinson says the grenade was rusted and contained no powder.

Hmm. Rusty and deactivated. That's scary.

I've got one of those at home. It lives on a shelf in my son's room.

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