Thursday, May 8, 2008

News Roundup

Wis. college closes due to gun threat; students told it's for maintenance troubles

School lies about life-or-death matters. The lives in question are belong to the people being lied to. Anything to make the students feel safe, of course, regardless of reality.

House to vote on $15 billion housing aid plan for foreclosed properties, homeowner rescue

The good news: Bush is planning to veto the "Take No Responsibility for Your Own Actions" bill (TNRYOA). Can anyone explain how this differs from dropping next month's rent in a slot machine and crying about losing it?

Craigslist Murder Suspect's Letters To Be Inspected

"Dear Mom and Dad,
Camp is great. Unfortunately, I'm not at camp, I'm in prison. For the rest of my life. Because I murdered an innocent girl.

Please hire someone else with no future prospects to take the blame. I'm sure somebody is more of an idiot than I am, and will be willing to destroy their future for $100. My butt hurts.

Your worthless, murdering POS,
Michael John Anderson"

Clinton fights on as focus turns to superdelegates

The harder Clinton fights, the more likely the Democrat Party will implode. Keep on trucking, Mrs. Clinton.

The fight was never for the state delegates anyway. The Democrats decide the nominee with the super-delegates. Ignore the will of the people, let the party machine make the decisions.

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