Friday, June 27, 2008

For all of the people claiming the presidential candidate matters due to judicial appointments, I bring you the Supreme Court, their stance on the Heller decision, and their appointing president:

JusticeHeller StanceAppointed by
Ruth Bader GinsburgDissentBill Clinton
Stephen BreyerDissentBill Clinton
David SouterDissentGeorge Bush, Sr.
John Paul StevensDissentGerald Ford
Anthony KennedyAffirmedRonald Reagan
Clarence ThomasAffirmedGeorge Bush, Sr.
John RobertsAffirmedGeorge Bush, Jr.
Samuel AlitoAffirmedGeorge Bush, Jr.
Antonin ScaliaAffirmedRonald Reagan

Half of the dissenters were appointed by Republicans. This was a 5-4 vote with 7 Republican appointees on the court. How can we count on McCain to appoint a conservative justice?

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