Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Failure of State-Sponsored Protection


Reason # 123154 why I carry a gun:
Over many torturous hours, she had been repeatedly raped, sodomized and forced to perform oral sex, a prosecutor told a jury on Thursday. The accused, Robert A. Williams, 31, had doused the woman’s face and body with boiling water and bleach, forced her to swallow handfuls of pills and to chase them with beer, sealed her mouth with glue, and bound her wrists and legs with shoelaces, cords and duct tape, said the prosecutor, Ann P. Prunty. And now, Ms. Prunty said, he was asking the woman to gouge out her own eyes with a pair of scissors.

Here's how it started:
As the woman entered her apartment, Ms. Prunty said, Mr. Williams asked her if she knew where a Mrs. Evans lived. The woman stopped to answer.

"Her kind moment of hesitation would cost her," Ms. Prunty said.

Mr. Williams forced his way into the apartment, Ms. Prunty said, put the woman in a chokehold, and slapped her cellphone from her hand. Mr. Williams slammed the door behind him, and "her Friday the 13th nightmare began," Ms. Prunty said.

A cell phone is NOT a defense.

Kevin's take:
The anti-gun people tell victims to "give their attacker what they want." He wanted her body. He wanted her to gouge out her own eyes. Instead, she attempted to end her own life.

How can anyone believe that it is morally superior to submit to a rapist rather than carry a gun and have at least the chance to shoot the bastard?

This could be you, your sister, daughter, wife, mother. Please, take a "Refuse to be a Victim" course. Learn how to spot the danger signs. Learn how to protect yourself, even if you are unable to be armed. Don't let anything like this happen to you, or someone you love. No one should have to endure this. No one should have to deal with its consequences.

I really need to pick up my Refuse To Be A Victim certification.

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