Monday, June 23, 2008

New shooter

Eight days ago, my wife gave me our third child. Our oldest(8) has been a wonder, helping with our middle child, changing diapers and helping Mom with anything she needs. He has also been interacting properly with waitresses at restaurants and holding doors open for strange women, unprompted.

So, with all of this evidence of maturity and responsibility, I decided it was time to take him to the range. He needed some personal attention. I needed time with my son. It was time for a milestone.

We brought a Keystone Crickett and a Browning Buckmark. I bought the Crickett two years ago, in anticipation of this day, and the Buckmark came home a few days ago, in recognition of it.

We went to a popular indoor range, but I timed it right. The only other customers were another father and son a few lanes down. I ran him through the operation of the Crickett and let him at it. He was able to keep them all in the black at 10 and 20 feet. The Buckmark was, naturally, a bit less accurate for him, but he did keep every shot on the paper. There was a definite moment of pride watching him observing the safety rules, while hitting his target.

After the first magazine through the Buckmark, he asked if he could shoot the rifle again. After 100 or so rounds through the Crickett, I told him we could leave if he was tired, and he said "No way". He couldn't wait to tell his grandparents about his trip to the range when they came to see the baby. He is looking forward to visiting Grandpa, in a few weeks, so he can shoot pop cans, instead of paper.

Mother and new daughter are doing wonderful.

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