Monday, April 6, 2009

Bikers Doing Good

Not the Patriot Guard, this time. It's BACA.
A dozen motorcycle riders in black leathers showed up one cold night in early February outside an apartment building where a scared little boy lived in Oakdale.

The 5-year-old wasn't afraid of the bikers. He was fearful that his dad was coming to take him for a visit.

His mom had obtained a temporary protection order against her former boyfriend, whom she alleged had sexually abused their son for several years, said Alan Holmes, one of the bikers guarding their home that night. Holmes, 61, is a licensed psychologist and president of the Anoka chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), which supports and protects abused children.

This sounds like a group I may need to consider joining. Well done.
"Every few minutes, he would open the curtain on his bedroom window and peek out to be sure we were still there," Holmes said. "He had a tiny light in his room so we could see him. We waved and every time, he smiled."

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