Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home Security Basics

Excellent post.
It was too late to clear the alarm, so I told him to wait out front in the driveway with the phone and any minute now the alarm company would call and/or the police would arrive. He waited. . . . and waited. .. . and waited. 25 minutes elapsed before the security company called. The police never did show up. In that time the criminals could have cleared out any jewelry and electronics I had, stolen all my Terry Pratchett books, raped the yard gnomes and drank milk directly out of the container in the fridge.

I can cross my living room faster than the police can get down my driveway, let alone respond to 911 and drive to my house. At a guess, I'd say most home invaders could, too.

We are legally and morally responsible for our own safety.

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