Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nation Undead

The Story:

The nation is crippled by the Respiren Flu epidemic.

Even though the first cases were reported in the Midwest, the origins of the disease are still unknown. With no cure in sight, the pharmaceutical giant Soteria Industries releases a treatment for the Respiren Flu called Toxicil. Both the development of the drug as well as the test result are as mysterious as the disease it treats. Due to the unprecedented threat posed by a national pandemic, the Food and Drug Administration has turned a blind eye to Soteria Industries' questionable behavior and established it as marketable in the name of public health.

Welcome to Nation Undead:
Together, the team at Nation Undead and filmmakers from around the country are working together to create the most ambitious horror story ever created. These are your stories, this is our goal. Be a part of history.

I recommend starting with this one.

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