Monday, September 21, 2009

Heirloom Acres - A Bad Company

In the spring, I decided I wanted to plant a garden.  I decided to go with heirloom seeds, both for sustainability and flavor.

I did a bit of research, asked some people for experiences and settled on Heirloom Acres for my seed needs.

Never again.

I placed my order late.  I was expecting a delay.  Ordering seeds in the spring doesn't have a quick turnararound anywhere.  Ever.  A month after my order was placed, I couldn't get them to give me an update on the shipping status.  This is with a stated delay of 2-3 weeks.  I tried for more than a week to contact them.  They ignored my, until I disputed the charge with Paypal.  Suddenly, they exist and ship out a partial order.

That's ok.  Backorders happen.

Six months later, it's still backordered and I can't get a status update.  

Thanks to our Lord, our loyal customers and our thousands of new customers, 2008 was an enormously blessed year. In the coming year, we promise to work even harder to maintain our high standards of customer service and offer excellent seeds at competitive prices while keeping our shipping costs as low as possible.
Heirloom Acres Seeds is a family owned and operated business. Our immediate and our extended family are actively involved in every facet of our operation. Our four daughters Katlyn, Madlyn, Michaela and Hope are growing up with old-fashioned farm values and an appreciation for good produce and hard work.
When did "theft", "fraud" and "swindle" become old-fashioned farm values?

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