Friday, September 18, 2009

Overhear in my inbox

Can I buy a double-barrel boomstick, specifically designed to foil bank robberies and well-paced zombie invasions?   Side-by-side, just like the movies.   It’ll help keep us all safe in the event of….well anything, really.  Aliens, zombies, regular thugs.   Even demon-rats!  We’ll just have to have a priest bless the ammo.  Please?

It’s a crazy-good price.  I could probably sell it for more than that in a few months.

It’s even mostly wood, so it doesn’t even look scary.  :)
I’ll let you get a pony.  Ok, not really, but I’ll let you think about getting a pony.

What about the demon-rats?
How about if I actually let you get a pony?
2 ponies and we paint it pink?
Ok, fine.
You can pick the color.
No boomstick.

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