Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vote now, vote Arkham!

VOTE NOW! Monster Hunter International PATCH CONTEST!!!:
The entries are in, and now it is time to vote.

Go here to view the patches!


Please post to the comments in this thread which patch you think should become part of the official MHI universe and get a cameo in the second MHI book, Monster Hunter Vendetta. (coming Fall 2010 from Baen).

We have 47 entries. Please post the name of the patch in the comments. Please only vote once. We authors are easily confused. Please, tell your friends, post it to your blog, spam the intertubes. (sell more books!) Whoops. That last one was subliminal.

I will leave this open for this week. At the end of the week I’ll count up the votes, figure out the winner and announce it here.

Vote well. Losing this one can't hurt as much as the losing last vote I cast.

My choice was for Arkham. Next up was the Bloody Bun. This needs a runoff. :(

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