Thursday, September 18, 2008

Patriot Guard Theft

Someone is attempting to steal the entire Patriot Guard organization. Give what you can.

My Fellow Patriot Guard Riders,

This email is going to be a little different than any other you have seen. In the past you have encouraged you to attend any mission you could, and been reminded that we do not expect you to do more that what you feel you can. There are some that can make it to missions on a regular basis. There are others that can only make it to one or two a year. There are others that can't make missions at all, but can and do pray for the families of those that are touched by loss. There are still others that post condolences in the mission threads.

It's never easy for me to ask anyone for anything. This time is no different. However, I'm going to ask, because I have been told if you don't ask you don't stand a chance of getting. I am not asking for myself, but for those we serve.

You are on this list because at one point in your life you felt the tug at your heart. You knew you had to make a stand for those families that were suffering. We could not allow the protesters to disturb the families during their most difficult time. Our mission has remained true. We still stand as a shield of love around the families whenever we are asked to do so. We have done so countless times. We also serve the families of those killed in action, wounded soldiers and veterans in need. We have done these things as Patriot Guard Riders through our Help on the Homefront program.

Most of you are probably aware and others may not be of the fact that there are a few individuals that are trying to take our name - Patriot Guard Riders - away from us. Those individuals believe that it is ok for them to profit personally from our mission. They are not content to serve others without personal gain. They want to use our name and logo to start a similar organization that will put money in their pockets. Legal proceedings are already taking place. The proceedings were not started by Patriot Guard Riders. They were started by one individual that challenged our right to use Patriot Guard Riders and the related logo. A few have suggested we let him have it and then start another organization.

It has taken us years to build our reputation within the ranks of military public affairs, casualty assistance officers, law enforcement, funeral directors, politicians, and most of all, our Gold Star families. You earned this reputation. You worked hard, prayed hard and answered the call. There are tremendous consequences if we do not fight this legal fight. Although we are incorporated as a legal entity in Minnesota and have our own board of directors, we are Patriot Guard Riders. This affects us equally. We, too, would have to change our name.

Those who seek personal gain would then be able to profit from our reputation, but they would no longer act out of selfless service, but rather that of personal profit. We seek to remain a 100% volunteer organization across the nation.

The following was taken from the front page of our national website. Please give it your attention.

If each member of the Patriot Guard Riders was to send in just $10.00, we should have more than enough to cover any and all legal expenses. We all know this is not a realistic expectation since many people registered are not active members. Still I would like to ask all members and supporters to consider a donation to the Legal Defense Fund to help save the legal name and logo for PGR. If you can give $10 to $20 that would be great, but any amount is adds to what is needed. If we lose our name and logo it will have a tremendous affect on our ability to continue our mission as we know it, and to generate funds that are used to meet the needs of those we serve.

As an FYI, when you make a purchase at Twister's Store or the PGR-PX, you are in effect making a donation to their legal defense fund and supporting their lawsuit against Patriot Guard Riders, Inc.

I know that you have already given much of yourselves and it troubles me to suggest that you give more, but I strongly believe this is the time for me to ask.


"Dear Fellow Patriots,

As you have probably noticed by now there is a new button on the home page just below the navigation pane on the left hand side. This button will enable you to make a donation to our Legal Defense Fund. It's labeled Defense Fund, as not to confuse it with the "Donate To PGR" button below it. This is a PayPal account and 100% of donations will go to pay our legal costs for the trademark issue. Our leadership was truly hoping it would not come to this, but they need your assistance in keeping the "Patriot Guard Riders" in the possession of its members, not one person. The board has tried at length to negotiate this issue, but their efforts have fallen on deaf ears and are left no other option but to follow all legal avenues available to them.

This is not something the BOD asks lightly. Our members already pay all of their own expenses to honor the fallen, to attend every mission. They pay for the privilege to ride in the rain or in the cold, and the Board of Directors does not wish to further add to their burden. Since the PGR is a 100% volunteer organization, it counts on donations from members and other concerned citizens to help keep us up and running.

If it appears the donations are approaching the amount of the legal costs, the button will go away. We don't want to raise one extra penny this way; our members give so much already.

If there is any amount raised in excess of the legal fees, 100% of the surplus will be given to the HOTH program.


You can find the Legal Defense Fund donate button on the left hand side of the main Patriot Guard site, Checks may be made payable to "Patriot Guard Riders, Inc." and mailed to: Patriot Guard Riders, PO Box 822513, Vancouver, WA 98682. *Please* note on the check if it is for the Legal Defense fund.

I understand that there are some that are not in a position to give, but for those that can I am asking you to support our organization. In no way is this is a requirement and there are no negative consequences if you choose not to - well - except for that fact that we may be under funded for this legal battle.

It is no easier now for me to hit send than it is to ask you to join with me in funding this legal battle. However, I am able to do so because I am convinced that this organization and its mission is worth fighting for.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them of either the board or the missions team: and

With respect and appreciation for all you do...

Monica Mead
MN State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders

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