Monday, September 15, 2008

Women on Target

On Saturday, September 13th, I volunteered to help with this:
Women On Target is designed to create more hunting and shooting opportunities for women. There are currently about two million American women who hunt and an additional four million who enjoy target shooting. These numbers are steadily increasing.

If you'd like to ...

  • Learn how to safely handle a firearm
  • Learn about safe storage options for your home
  • Learn about modern or historic firearms
  • Learn in the company of other women
  • Learn in a safe, friendly environment
  • Learn about competitive shooting and hunting basics

... then Women On Target® is right for you!

And a good time was had by all.

44 women got to try dozens of guns...shotguns, handguns, Evil Black Assault Rifles capable of loading themselves and going on solo rampages...with the help of 10(?) instructors.

Not only is it a blast to teach eager new shooters, but this is grass-roots level activism at its best. These women will most likely never vote for a gun control advocate, now that they've been thoroughly exposed to these "evil" inanimate objects. This is the best way to spread the gun culture.

The women had fun, the instructors had fun.

A big thanks to Rick and Jan for setting it all up, headaches and all.

From Rick:

A few pictures.

Jan took over 60 and of course we cannot post all, so not all of those that helped will be shown, but here are a few anyway.

selurcspi watching closely
Women on Target 9-13-08 006.jpg

Pricewally helping with the basics
Women on Target 9-13-08 049.jpg

Tracy working the AR-15's and spotting on the steel
Women on Target 9-13-08 084.jpg

Matt getting the lady to dust the clays
Women on Target 9-13-08 097.jpg

Don L working the revolvers
Women on Target 9-13-08 107.jpg

The whole gang
Women on Target 9-13-08 120.jpg

It was very worth doing.

I recommend it for all women. For $20 you get get premium, one-on-one instruction, and an opportunity to try dozens of guns.

I recommend it for all instructors. There's nothing better than teaching an eager beginner how to shoot. Except, possibly, teaching an eager female beginner how to shoot. Times 44.

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