Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Of the People, By the People, For the People

I take these words seriously. The government exists to serve us, not the reverse.

The proper role of our government is clearly defined by the Constitution. The people in charge of interpreting the Constitution should be able to pass a seventh grade English test, and should NOT be allowed to possess a law degree. The Constitution is clear and unambiguous, in all cases. Any debate about the meaning is, quite simply, a willful misinterpretation.

Laws exist to protect property. What else could laws possibly be for? My life and my body are my property.

Government exists to enforce laws.

Therefore, government exists to protect property.

The first sign of a government in decline is when it fails its primary function, which, for those not following along, is to protect property.

A government that exists to protect the government is a government on the road to failure.

Socialism denies property, therefore, socialist governments are governments in decline.

Above all else, what I want out of my government is the same thing the founding father's worked hard to ensure. Leave me the hell alone to sink or swim on my own merits, or lack thereof. I don't need your intervention. I don't need your bailout. The coddling the government provides does nothing but breed dependence. Make people stand on their own two feet and you will find that (surprise, surprise) they can.

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