Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Breaking a chokehold, and a chokeholder

Lawdog's School of Survival presents Appropriate Countermeasures to the Front Chokehold.

Remember, boys and girls, a chokehold is lethal force.

From the comments:

Back in the early seventies, a young lady I knew at a kwoon I worked out at had someone try to force her into a car by grabbing her throat like that. Her solution was a lot simpler; both his hands were busy, and both hers were free, so she just reached up with her right hand and hooked out his eyeball. This had the effect of making him release the pressure on her throat. She followed through (we were always taught to follow through until the attacker hits the ground) by stepping in and repeatedly kneeing him in the groin until he went down, and then went and called the police. Not only did he lose an eye, but he had suffered so much damage from her knee that one of his testicles had to be removed at the hospital. Just another way of dealing with an attacker that should be considered.

I also told her (and my wife) about the eyes, about the good 'ol "Grab, Twist, Pull" on the testicle trick, how a finger snapped backwards and held onto acts like a joystick, and the neat thing where an ear comes off with about 7 pounds of pressure.

It's also important to just don't give up. Punch, kick, scratch, claw, bite, and kill the SOB. Never get in the car, never go with them, ever.

if both of her assailant's ahnds were busy trying to apply a chokehold, there'd be not a thing in the world he could do to prevent her from drawing her Colt and going for slide lock...

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