Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jesse the Wonderpoodle, Chapter 9

I haven't posted any of the chapters in a while, so here is the next installment.

Previous chapters available here.

In September my sister got married in Sedona Arizona. It was a real treat. We seen the grand canyon along with some of the other sites. Jeremiah (my youngest brother) and myself rented a convertible for the week. While at the grand canyon Jason and Elizabeth (my brother and his wife) arrived (they drove) and had the motorcycle in the back. Being it was a nice day they decided to ride the bike. While mom got it into her head that we were going to be late and took off, Jerry in Elizabeth’s truck, I’m in the convertible (Elizabeth would rather be skun alive before letting me drive her new truck) and Jason and Elizabeth on the bike. As soon as mom hit some open road she put the hammer down and was gone Jerry and myself were hard into the throttle to keep up. Jason was five cars back at the start so we didn’t put much concern on them thinking they would catch up, if not we figured they had a cell phone or if all else failed making the assumption that they knew where to go. Well they didn’t, they didn’t even have a cell phone with them.

If you’ve been down some of those mountain roads during the day light you know how treacherous they can be. Now try it in the dark on a motor cycle when the driver has a heavy foot. We lost contact for almost 24 hours. We didn’t get much sleep that night, having to listen to mom rant and rave to keep her self from going into hysterics. The only saving grace was that for part of the pre-wedding activities was going on a tour of the Sedona area and had set a meeting spot that Elizabeth found after a couple of phone calls (they had gotten stuck behind some Sunday drivers and were not able to get around due to traffic). It was nice but had no leg room. My personal opinion is that they are not a practical vehicle (at least not for me). While riding around in it I sunburned my forehead, you can’t even put on a hat to keep the sun off because the brow ridge is rubbing against it and holding the sweat salt there. But any way back to the wedding.

The ceremony was in the shadow of cathedral rock along the river bank. The wedding party and any who wanted to make the journey had a four mile hike through the desert to the site of the ceremony (the grandparents and photographer only had a half mile hike from the other side). The musician they hired played three different kinds of native American flutes, the music they produced combined with the locusts crying in the back ground was a magical sound. Terra (my sister) was dressed in an Indian sari (India Indian) it was the same dress my mom made and wore on her wedding day. On the hike out I made pretty good time, but Andrew’s (Terra’s husband) dad who is in his seventies passed me up and made it to the end of the trail almost fifteen minutes before I did, talk about impressive. As some of you may know I was not the happiest camper at how Andrew and Terra met. But they’ve been together for almost five years with very few known problems not to mention rubbing me the wrong way (joke) when they went to Europe before I got the chance to.

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