Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Laws in Minnesota

No more foreign-made American flags
Because allowing poor people to be patriotic is bad?

Carnival ride inspections required
I don't have much problem with this one. The carnies dropped the ball and people got hurt. The venue owners dropped the ball and didn't require inspections themselves.

Covering the medical gap legislation could cover the medical gap for people without insurance in the 18 to 24 age group.

A new law requires some insurance companies to include coverage under family medical plans to unmarried children ages 19 to 24, even if they’re not full-time students.

“This is a group that when not covered under a parent’s policy tend to go without insurance coverage for reasons such as inability to afford the premiums on their own or a feeling that they are young and don’t need insurance,” said Randy Benson, director of patient accounts at Winona Health.

You're adults, but you don't have to act like it! I love it when legislator encourage a lack of responsibility.

Updated school bus seats

Making school bus seats safer for children in new buses, without requiring a retrofit? I can live with it.

Mercury-free products
Special labels required for products with ANY amount of mercury. Does this include my tap water, from the official city water supply?

Didn't think so.

Car buyers’ bill of rights established
Sometimes that new car comes with more than the eye can see. Rust proofing. Fabric sealant. Theft deterrent.

Add-ons get added on to the buyer’s monthly loan payments. Often, without the buyer noticing.

I guess we can't allow consumers to read the fine print for themselves. Literacy is over-rated anyway, right?

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