Thursday, January 24, 2008

Progress at gunpoint owners learned that the Duluth School District plans to acquire their land and homes to complete its long-term facilities plan.

Yippee! More government theft in the name of 'progress'.

The district will hire two independent appraisers to evaluate each property and, following the appraisal, will present each property owner with a written offer based on the property’s appraised value, Hoff said. If a property owner wants another appraisal, the district will pay $1,500 toward the third appraisal.

If the property owner is satisfied with the offer, the district will pay for closing costs, deal with any mortgage companies, and pay for relocation costs and moving costs where applicable, Hoff said. She was unable to give any range of compensation because each situation is different, she said.

If the district and the homeowner can’t reach an agreement, the district can acquire the property through eminent domain. A panel of three “qualified and impartial” residents will determine a fair price for the property. If the property owner doesn’t agree with that price, the decision can be appealed to a district court for a jury trial.

Tranlation: "Give us your property for the price we name, or we'll lower the price and force you to rack up a lot of legal bills to try to keep your property. We own the big guns, and we make the decisions, so you will lose, anyway."

Gee, isn't freedom grand?


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