Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Behold, the mighty asterisk.

There are many here among us that will flat out refuse to acknowledge BHO as president, in posts, and in casual conversation. I hear you, and feel your pain but the simple truth is that he does hold that title. Many more people seem to think that calling BHO the first Black president is also a misnomer, since the man is what ?.... like 10% African American at most.

I propose, that instead of sour grapes, and all the insulting nicknames like "bammy" we simply call the man by the title he has been issued, (for better or for worse) but like the famed Barry Bonds Home Run Ball, simply put an asterisk next to the questionable labels used.

For Example... "President Obama" will now be typed as "President* Obama" and the phrase "President Obama, the first black President" will now look like "President* Obama, the first black* President*" and so on and so forth.

Just a thought.

Carry on.


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