Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Disturbing Sub-Culture

We've got Skibunny Boy, Lizardface, The Caped Hoodie, and Blues Brother 2009. Criminals beware.
Should a villain attack, the Emerald Enforcer carries a small arsenal to defend himself: smoke grenades, pepper spray, a slingshot, and a pair of six-inch fighting sticks tucked into sturdy leather boots. Leather guards protect Geist's arms; his signature weapon, an Argentinean cattle-snare called bolos, hangs from a belt-holster.

There is an entire subculture here that I wasn't aware of. I'm usually not caught by surprise by things like this. Wow. Actual masked men(and women) out prowling for bad guys, unarmed!
The Eye is a 49-year-old crimebuster from Mountain View, California, who wears a Green Hornet-inspired fedora and trench coat. Though he focuses mainly on detective work and crime-tip reporting, he prepares himself for hand-to-hand combat by studying kung fu and wielding an arsenal of light-based weapons designed to dazzle enemies.

These guys have got to be living in their parents' basements. To come up with ideas like this, and have no brakes on the brainstorm, and then follow through.
or sheer investment in gadgetry, none top Superhero, an ex-Navy powerlifter from Clearwater, Florida. His patrol vehicle is a burgundy 1975 Corvette Stingray with a souped-up 425-horsepower engine. He wears a flight helmet installed with a police scanner and video camera, and carries an extendable Cobra tactical baton, a flash gun, sonic grenades, and a canister of bear mace. Topping off the one-man armory is an Arma 100 stun cannon, a 37mm nitrogen-powered projectile device. His ammo of choice? Sandwiches. "Nothing stops them in their tracks like peanut butter and jelly," he explains in a video demonstration posted online.

Wow. This article if more than a year old, and the NY Times article is older than that, but this will be on Channel 5(MN) tonight at 10.

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staghounds said...

Considering all the people out stealing cars, breaking into houses, campaigning for Cindy Shehan, and painting themselves in their team of choice's colors on week ends, a few people like this are... endearing.