Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Individual Theft

A tax targeted at a select group of individuals? How un-American is that? That's the worst of communism.

Christopher Dodd, read your Constitution, then go to hell.
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. Christopher Dodd on Monday suggested a tax provision to recoup the bonuses for executives of ailing insurance giant AIG.
Sen. Chris Dodd said the government could apply a tax to the AIG bonuses.

Dodd, D-Connecticut, said the notion is in the "earliest of thinking" and has not been settled on as a way to resolve the issue, which has set off outrage in Washington and across the country.

The tax would apply only to those at AIG who have received bonuses. The provision would help the government get back the money in the form of tax revenue.

Update: Wrong, Sen. Jerkface. Governments have NO rights.
"We have a right to tax," the Connecticut Democrat told CNN. "You could write a tax provision that's narrowly crafted only to the people receiving bonuses."

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AnarchAngel said...

Someone may want to remind Dodd what a bill of attainder is.