Monday, March 9, 2009

It's interesting how often off-duty cops choose to play temper-tantrum traffic duty in their personal vehicles.
No doubt about it. Larissa Larivee was scared.

Larivee, 20, who works as a nanny for a Mankato family, dropped off the kids at Bridges Community School Feb. 10 and hurried off down the road on her way to campus.

But she blew through that first stop sign and ended up cutting off a guy in a black pickup. She hurried through the next one, too. And when she looked in her rear-view mirror, there was the black pickup, and the driver didn't look happy.

He followed her, she said, honking his horn and waving his arms, trying to get her to pull over.

"I thought this was like a road rage thing," the Minnesota State University student said. "I didn't know what he wanted and I just wanted to get away."

She zoomed up toward campus and pulled into her driveway on Floral Avenue. The black pickup pulled in right behind her, and the driver got out and approached her. "I felt trapped," she said.

The closer he got, the more frightened she became. And it wasn't until he was a few feet away that she learned the driver of the pickup was Blue Earth County Sheriff's Deputy Joshua Steinbach — who was off duty and driving his personal vehicle.

And the bastards always manage to get off.

Larivee's mistake was in going home. NEVER go home if you know you are being followed. If you think you are being followed, drive around the block and see if that car is still following you. Be safe.

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