Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Corruption, Part 2

Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher* can keep a secret.

He kept a $300,000 probe of groups planning to agitate the Republican National Convention secret from the people whose permission he needed to spend the money, it was revealed Tuesday.

Funny, isn't that theft. Of course, his reaction is priceless:

Fletcher said he was glad he kept it secret. "We chose not to have the (St. Paul) city attorney aware of what we were doing," Fletcher said. "Look at what happened after: You had one City Council member vocal in his opposition to what we did. I don't want him knowing."

Translated: "I broke the law by not telling my bosses what I was doing, because they wouldn't have let me have my way. I am special and you can go to hell."

*This is, of course, the same Sheriff Fletcher who has a stack of extra-legal requirements for issuing carry permits, because he feels the rules don't apply to him. His was also the subject of and FBI investigation into corruption, with 2 of his aides failing an 'integrity test'.

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