Thursday, January 29, 2009

RE: New Legislative Session

Dear [Sent to every one of my representatives in government]:

At the start of the new legislative session, one that has some severe projections, I would like to take this time to mention a couple of issues.

First, regardless of how bleak the economic forecast may look, it is not possible to tax your way into prosperity. I know you voted for major tax increases last year. This is not the time to repeat that foolishness. The economy works best when government interferes least. The citizens of Minnesota will be better able to stimulate the economy if they are left with their hard-earned money intact. This spending will naturally and automatically increase the tax rolls via existing corporate and sales taxes, without new taxation being inflicted on your constituents.

Second, I am expecting to see your unwavering support for personal liberty. New regulation, restrictions and infringements do not help anything or any one. Specifically, there are several major gun control bills in the works this year. As you are certainly aware, gun control is about people control. No gun control legislation has ever improved the crime rate, because criminals aren't buying their guns legally. Gun control legislation is specifically aimed at restricting the law-abiding, that demographic that is not causing problems.

I am looking forward to your support on these and other issues.


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