Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Al Franken wants to circumvent the legal process to get placed in the Senate.

Here's how it works: The states are in charge of their electoral process. If state law says any lawsuits need to be resolved before someone can be seated, that's it.

I'm really unimpressed by someone trying to become a lawmaker by skirting the law.

Hmm, issues so far:
  • 25 precincts have more votes than voters.
  • Some precincts, the canvassing board decided to use election night numbers. Some precincts were recounted.
  • There were damaged ballots miscounted. In Minnesota, a damaged ballot is supposed to be copied, marked, and segregated. There are ballots that were only copied. Without being marked or segregated, that's a double vote.
  • Franken convinced the board to count rejected absentee ballots, but there is a stack of rejected absentee ballots that the board has refused to count.
  • All contested ballots are public, along with the board's ruling. The rulings are hardly consistent.
A lawsuit is hardly inappropriate, even if Coleman did promise to abide by the canvassing board's decision.

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