Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Historic Day

Today is a very important day in history.

Today, we celebrate the fact that gullible fools turned out in record numbers to vote.

Today, we demonstrate that the majority of our voting population has no understanding of history or economics.

Today, we swear is as President a man who has refused to verify his eligibility for the job. A man who doesn't understand the job description or the limits of federal goverment.

Today, we swear in as President a man with absolutely no qualifications for the job. This man went from stealing votes, to the board of the largest anti-freedom organization in the U.S. to freshman state Congress-Weasel to freshman federal Congress-Weasel to the 'gimme' candidate who caught his party by surprise. He has no voting record. He has contradicted himself at every turn and changes his platform based on the audience in his immediate vicinity, ignoring the world-wide audience also paying attention. He has more ties to radical terrorism and political corruption that any President in history.

This is gonna be an interesting 4 years.

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