Friday, January 2, 2009

When you kick a hornet's nest.... won't like the result.

Of course, the media bias is going to blame the hornet, instead of the petulant terrorist doing the kicking.

ATTENTION GAZA! You got what you asked for, quit picking a fight.

Update: Stupid commenter:

Destruction of the mosques reminds me of the Bolsheviks in Russia...

...who also flattened as many churches as they could-- when they weren't busy torturing Orthodox priests and monks to death. Listen, good people of Minnesota, the rulers of Israel today are from the same group of atheistic monsters who took control of Russia in 1917. They turned the Soviet Union into a prison camp, just as they have done to Gaza today. If we don't stand up to them, tomorrow it will be our turn!

My response:

Moral relativism

Akorn, the Israel is RESPONDING to attacks. The Palestinians broke the truce that granted them what they have been demanding for decades. "Give us Gaza, and we'll behave." They are honorless and cowardly. They shoot rockets from schools, so they can get a PR win when Israel defends itself. They store rockets in mosques to make Israel look bad for not rolling over and dying.

Israel is warning the inhabitants of the target areas before destroying their targets. Israel is offering asylum to any Gaza resident who is sick of Hamas turning their new country into a crater.

Take your anti-semitism, moral relativism, and historic revisionism elsehwere.

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