Monday, February 4, 2008

Jesse the Wonderpoodle, Chapter 12

We were all in at the Eagles celebrating a birthday. Well, all of us except Jeremiah, who was going on a first date with a young lady. They got to the movie after it had started and came over to the eagles for the evening. Probably not the wisest choice. By the time they got there we were pretty well tuned and in really good spirits.

One of my lady friends Kay (Dennis’s wife)said she wanted to dance, so I jumped up out of my chair and spun hers around (bar swivel chairs)and gave her a couch dance (Sheila I’ve already told you it’ll cost a dollar). She turned red almost instantly and dropped her face into her hands. I took her by the hand and lead her out on the dance floor. By this time Jerry was trying to disown me. I mean to insult the “hillbilly stomp” In such a manner is just sacrilege.

One night I called up Dennis to see if Kay and him self wanted to go to the bar one evening, a female voice answered the phone and I though it was Kay so I lowered my voice and asked “so are you naked”. I knew I was in trouble when the voice on the other end started giggling. My first response was “aaaaa your not Kay are you”, the response was a humorous “no”. O’boy here I was thinken I got Kay’s mom but it turned out to be a wrong number. It’s a good thing that obscene phone calls are an art form.

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