Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jesse the Wonderpoodle, Chapter 13

Being laid off for almost a year would have been insanely boring if I wouldn’t have had any animals to work with. I bought a horse, actually two but we’ll get to that later. The first horse I bought had bad hips, I got him for 27 dollars. His bad hips make it so he can’t spread his back legs. When he rears up so he falls over and when he runs he trips over his own feet –not good-.

One day we were trying to catch him to work with him and to calm him down when he’s around people. Dad reached for his halter and meat loaf reared up and fell over. I seen him go down and figured that It would be a good time to grab him before he got up. I grabbed the halter and then he kick me above the knee in his attempts to get up, knocking my feet out from under me. There was hooves and feet flyen every which way before he regained his footing and ran to the other side of the pen. As for me, well, I had a quite graphic conversation with the fence post that I was leaning on. It took three weeks before I was able to walk with out pain.

My other horse is a registered paint pony and right now I’m trying to get her papered name to be “small town rumor”. If she’s by herself she’s very easy to work with, to the point that she was my jogging partner until one day my leg was hurting (some of you may remember that I had surgery on my leg. It feels ten times better but every now and then it will start hurting. It helps if I keep moving)and I was just walking and she wanted to run. I let her go to the end of the rope. She was out there pulling on it and getting a little antsy so she throw a kick at me. When the first one missed so I shortened up the rope so her hind legs were behind me and told her that I was going to pretend that didn’t happen. She then moved up against me nudging me with her head. When that didn’t work she landed a glancing kick to my leg. She’s in with Meat Loaf right now and when there together and you try to get close to her to work with her Meat Loaf will start running making her run. On one such time I had to use the lasso to catch her and the tail end of the lasso got wrapped around my arm so when the slack ended it was quite the earth moving experience, actually the earth never moved it was just me skipping across the surface that made it seem like it was. That ordeal left a really neat spiral bruise running up my arm. So I’m going to be forced to put her in a small pen and introduce her to the electric fence. He’s going to the sales barn as soon as we're able to get him in a trailer.

You know, they told me I had a 1 in 10,000 chance of having the strap on my chute come apart and I beat those odds. They also said that I had a 1 in 1,000 chance to get lime disease and again I beat the odds. So now I’m thinken the lottery is next.

You can always look at the bright side!




Jesse the Wonderpoodle

P.S. This is all 100% true.

P.P.S. Jesse the Wonderpoodle is NOT another name for princewally.

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