Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Highlights of the Minneapolis Police Highlights for last week

20XX JAMES FRIDAY 0230 HOURS 08-030653

Male robbed of $2,000.00, his phone and pants @ gunpoint after getting a ride home from Gabby’s by three males known to him. Victim told officers he would handle the matter.

Pants and Phone: $200.
Wallet full of cash: $2000
Telling the cops who to look at when your former friends turn up dead: Priceless.


A 36 year old female waited three days to report her 15 year old daughter being robbed at gunpoint by a 30-35 year old female and a 20-25 year old female known to them as they drove around in a car. The mother said the welfare office wouldn’t give her a new EBT card or reimburse her for the lost cash without a police report.

Next time, don't send your teenage daughter to the store with older thugs. Get your lazy ass off the couch get your own groceries. This crap highlights the problems. It wasn't worth reporting the fact that your daughter was robbed at gunpoint, until you found out you couldn't get reimbursed for your free money without the report. Where are your priorities?

36th & LYNDALE FRIDAY 1630 HOURS 08-031085

29 year old male from Blaine who just happened to be in the area said he was punched in the face and robbed of $40.00 by a 23-30 year old male. How ever a DOC officer saw the victim and suspect talking and walking together and when confronted the victim then said he was in the area to look for a young adult male to bring back to his older gay male friend so they could have sex.

"Just happened to be in the area"? Flashing your bankroll to a hooker? You've got brains, bud.

34th & FREMONT SATURDAY 0100 HOURS 08-031670

Traffic stop recovered several BB guns, BB’s and a loaded gun. Arrested: were three 17 & 15 year old males who admitted to firing the BB guns at cars, signs, buildings and people in St. Louis Park, Edina and Mpls.

This is a good way to get shot, kids. Law-abiding citizens can carry guns, here. Thugs carry guns. Anybody who gets a gun pointed at them by some thug-brat is going to shoot back.

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