Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The republicans who forgot they were republicans were punished yesterday. They weren't horsewhipped, unfortunately, but they were removed from leadership positions.

The changes in GOP leadership on House committees are:

• Rep. Rod Hamilton, R-Mountain Lake, replaced by Rep. Dean Urdahl, R-Grove City, in the Agriculture, Rural Economies & Veterans Affairs Committee.

• Rep. Kathy Tingelstad, R-Andover, replaced by Rep. Larry Howes, R-Walker, in the Capital Investment Committee.

• Rep. Jim Abeler, R-Anoka, replaced by Rep. Matt Dean, R-Dellwood, in the Health Care and Human Services Committee.

• Heidgerken, R-Freeport, replaced by Rep. Sondra Erickson, R-Princeton, in the K-12 Finance Committee.

• Erhardt, R-Edina, replaced by Rep. Morrie Lanning, R-Moorhead, in the Property Tax Relief & Local Sales Taxes Committee.

• In addition, Rep. Neil Peterson, R-Bloomington, was removed as an assistant minority whip and replaced by Rep. Pat Garofalo, R-Farmington.

I'm waiting for the wailing and gnashing of teeth to commence. These....folks don't seem to understand that being a Republican generally comes with some expectations from your constituency. Not stealing out money is one of those expectations.

I'd love to see public letters from these people announcing their party-switch.

Update: Before you throw out hyperbole and bullshit, be sure to read my previous post on the subject.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that these legislators voted for their constituency. I guess they forgot that the people who vote them in are not nearly as important as party leaders and bloggers from districts they do not represent. You are right - they are horrible politicians and deserve being reprimanded for doing what their constituents wanted.

princewally said...

Taking money from the pockets of their constituents is hardly voting "for their constituency". Republicans don't get elected by promising to raise taxes and they don't get re-elected by raising taxes.

Anonymous said...

I guarantee you at least 5/6 of the Republicans get re-elected this fall

princewally said...

Out of a possible 8 republicans voting against the principles of their party. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

i hate to nit-pick, but you might want to get your facts straight. only 6 republicans voted to override not 8. so maybe you want to double check that info you hear from jason lewis before you accept it as gospel

princewally said...

If you're going to pick nits, make sure you get them all. There were 6 in the house and 2 in the senate, for a total of 8 republicans.

My numbers didn't come from Jason Lewis, they came from the strib. Hardly a bastion of right-wing propaganda. You'd know that if you had read what was written.