Friday, February 8, 2008

Minneapolis Police Highlights - week of 29 January - 4 February, 2008

It's been an interesting week.

400 blk 33rd St E: Officers assisted SWAT officers with search warrant; SWAT officer forced to shoot pit bull dog while entering residence, dog died; 5 people found inside residence, 1 suspect had almost 5 grams of possible meth; approx 12 grams marijuana found in residence; 4 others in residence cited for Participating in Disorderly House; replica handgun recovered along with several photos of gang members, documents, photos of handguns on cell phone, $442.: Arrested/ NARCOTICS

A little bit of pot, a little bit of meth, a replica gun, and some pictures of guns and gang members. My questions: What exactly constitutes Participating in a Disorderly House? and Is this really worth a SWAT-capade?

100 blk W Lake St: Officers called to Assault; victims walking to car when approached by 3 men, 1 woman; 1 man pulled out knife, stabbed victim in back without saying anything;

No robbery, no threats, just a knife in the back. Hmm, is there a reason I carry a gun?

Arrested: AGGRAVATED ROBBERY: 1900 blk Clinton Av S: Victim was getting into car for work when two occupants of car (license plate: MN JDD-826) pulled in front of victim’s car, blocked it; 2 suspects then exited their car, announced robbery. when victim started to resist, armed suspect fired shot in the victim’s direction; victim gave suspects over $1500 in cash, suspect fled in victim’s car, left their vehicle at scene; victim’s car later found in Anoka Co unoccupied; Sgt assigned to case identified 1 suspect, tracked him to Moundsview residence; suspect had DOC warrant, arrested suspect, search warrant conducted

If you're going to resist, resist with a weapon. Shoot the bastards who are threatening your life.

2 Arrested: AGGRAVATED ROBBERY/CARJACKING: 13th Av/9th St S: Victim sitting in car outside 9th St address when attacked by suspect who forced his way into the unlocked car, attempted to snap victim’s neck; victim escaped but suspect took car which also contained the family dog; several hours later 3rd Precinct officers saw victim’s stolen car, began pursuit suspect attempted to flee on foot, captured by K-9 officer; victim positively identified suspect

Obviously, this thug got his start in a life of crime by believing what he saw in the movies.

4 Arrested: ROBBERY: Morgan Plymouth Avs N: Victim walking in front of Precinct when robbed my former classmate at gunpoint;case declined for charging, pending further investigation

Idiot. Don't mug folks in front of the police station. Can we start offering IQ tests before we let people become criminals? Oh wait, the crooks don't care about the laws.

2 Arrested: 700 blk 22nd Av NE: 20-month child brought to HCMC with multiple broken ribs, severe internal injuries; investigators conducted numerous interviews; stories inconsistent with evidence; child’s mother, mother’s boyfriend charged with MALICIOUS PUNISHMENT OF CHILD/CHILD NEGLECT

These people need to be introduced to the electric chair. There is no excuse for beating a 20 month old baby. Reject their air-use license.

Arrested: 3000 blk 36th Av S: Officer responded to DOMESTIC ASSAULT call; victim reported suspect punched, kicked her while she lay on floor, with her children present; suspect grabbed victim by throat, continuing to punch her; suspect charged with felony DOMESTIC ASSAULT/TERRORISTIC THREATS

Ladies, if your boyfriend is choking you, it is attempted murder. Defend yourselves!

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