Thursday, February 14, 2008

Places to Avoid, Part 2, the Update

Update to this story:

Less than a week after shots were fired near the Best Buy store in Brooklyn Center, a Minneapolis man has been arrested and charged with three counts of felony drive by shooting.

According to statement from the Brooklyn Center Police Department, Tyriek Montauge Tyner, 18, of Minneapolis, was arrested the Friday, Feb. 8, in connection with the drive-by shooting that occurred in the parking lot of Best Buy in Brooklyn Center.

Charges were filed on Monday, Feb. 11.

I hope you rot in prison.
If found guilty of all charge[sic], the penalty for each felony offense of drive by shooting is 3 to 10 years and/or $20,000 for each count.

I hope you get the sentences consecutively. Thirty years of your life is not too much to ask for endangering countless innocent bystanders in your little pissing match.


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